Simon Roberts grew up in West Wales and West Sussex, United Kingdom. He considered art in high school after finding inspiration in the destructive elements of Yves Klein’s fire work and the brutal style of Egon Shiele, up until that point, to him art had been conveyed as Turner skies and Rembrandt portraits, not something that excited him.

After attending interviews Simon accepted an unconditional offer from Camberwell College Of Art & Design, London, to study fine art. He stayed for one term before dropping out due to debilitating social anxiety.

Simon studied music technology and sound recording at Gateway School Of Music, Kingston Upon Thames, UK leaving one course early, again due to anxiety.

During the late 90s up until the mid 2000s Simon was a part of two bands and a production team producing and recording music from their own recording studio in North London.

In 2006 Simon emigrated to Queensland, Australia, where he lives a quieter life with his family, he is now recording and creating art again after a 10 year hiatus.