I’m not on Facebook

It’s the biggest social media platform (as of 2020), but does that make it good? If I was being precious about music, I could quite happily point out some of the massive number one singles that were at the top of the charts for weeks which were performed by the winner of a talent contest or a couple of actors, (hello Robson and Jerome). Just because something is popular doesn’t make it good.

I was on Facebook for nearly 10 years, purely to keep in touch with friends and family who live half a planet away from me, eventually the nonsense that would pop up in my feed, the privacy violations and all the political manipulation became too much and I quit. Life now feels a lot better and a lot of the people I had as friends weren’t anyway.

The only good thing about Facebook is that the artist David Choe made a ton of money from a gamble on them and became unencumbered by budget to do what he wants.